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M&A: Mergers and Acquisitions

Advisory on the different aspects related to the raise of risk-capital, sale and/or acquisition of a company or group of companies, including mergers, spin-offs, and other transactions that aim to increase productivity as well as decrease time, expenses and resources allocation.

According to the specific needs of each client, this service may include the search for potential investors and/or investment opportunities, the valuation of a target business, advisory throughout the negotiations with the counterparty and deal closing.

Mergers and acquisitions are generally aimed at shareholders (majority or minority) who seek the total or partial sell-off of their stakeholding, to potential investors who have identified an investment opportunity or who are actively seeking one, to companies that wish to identify partnership opportunities at national and international level, as well as to entrepreneurs who require capital raising for their business.

In the case of a company sale, Valor & Estrategia provides advisory at all stages of the process, from the analysis of the target company, its valuation, identification of value-generation scenarios, identification of investors, structuring of the sale process, and advisory throughout the negotiation and deal closing.

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